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Pillowtalk – Je Ne Sais Quoi (Wolf + Lamb)

Devin Inabinet March 18, 2014 NEWS No Comments


The Pillowtalk trio has captured our hearts over the years and compiles their classic touch, soulful chords and breezy flow into Je Ne Sais Quois, a debut full length narrating the enigmatic and engaging quality of life through music.   Harmoniously and collaboratively assembled on Wolf + Lamb’s imprint, Sammy D, Ryan Williams and Michael Tello embrace a multifaceted range of styles in these 13 tracks and feature artists such as Thugfucker, Jaw, Navid Izadi and DJ Tennis for a well-balanced, laid-back listening experience.

Sentimentally introduced, Je Ne Sais Quois sails through the love-struck charm of ‘We All Have Rhythm‘ into ‘Devil’s Run’ that plays with a live, alternative rock sound inspiring the comforting nostalgia of driving along the coast on a warm afternoon.

‘Meet Me in The Dark’ stands out with its smooth drive and catchy melody before ‘If I Try’ grabs attention with those persistent highs and elongated tones just as ‘Homesick’ deepens and dreams. 

‘Naïve’ is a special slow-burner with strong keys, revealing a somber side while ‘4 Walls’ turns it up with varied vocal stylings before jazzin’ it down for a sexy, carefree ride from ‘LA to The Bay,’ only to conclude with the acoustic version of cherished original ‘The Outkast.’

Groovy, funkd’up, deeply sensitive, soothing numbers on this one with a beat and pace for every musical flavor; so relax, have a listen and purchase through Beatport, Itunes or get physical with some Vinyl. <3

Artist: Pillowtalk
Title:Je Ne Sais Quoi
Label:Wolf + Lamb Records
Release Date: March 17th, 2014
Catalogue #: WLM35

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