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Vaylo – Fawn (Leftroom Limited)


New producer Vaylo makes his debut on Matt Tolfrey’s Leftroom Ltd this July with the ‘Fawn’ EP that features two original tracks as well as remixes from Waifs & Strays and Maher Daniel. 25 year old and a graduate of Electronic and Urban Music, Vaylo is new to house music and, having built up a tidy portfolio of house and techno tracks over the past year or so, is about to unleash a series of 12″s. With a production background based in other genres, Vaylo is both accomplished in the studio and has fresh-faced enthusiasm for the 4:4 thump. ‘Fawn’ opens the EP with distinct rave/ukg influences. Piano stabs, staccato bass licks and soulful vocal snippets surround a rim shot heavy drum track making for a timeless peak time track while the ‘Conject’ goes for a more heads down, jacking approach with warm Jupiter 8 brass being the only element to break the insistent groove. Increasingly influential duo Waifs & Stays take on ‘Fawn’ and isolate the original’s stabs and vox and weld them to a zapping electro-styled beat to create a moodier, heavier groove that pays homage to early 80s aesthetics. Leftroom’s Maher Daniel nagging, rattling version of ‘Fawn’ closes the EP with a real sense of technoid purpose. Stuttering beats, shuffling drum machines and energetic effects merge with Velo’s original parts perfectly throughout.


Artist:  Vaylo
Title:  Fawn
Label:  Leftroom Limited
Catalog No.:  LEFTLTD033



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