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[Party] Four Sweaters Presents EARS WIDE OPEN feat. Claptone, Steve Huerta, and Bells & Whistles



[Party] This has to be one of the most clever little promo videos we’ve seen … Well played Four Sweaters, well played. If you’re in San Francisco, this is the place to be Saturday night.


EARS WIDE OPEN from William Perls on Vimeo.

More on William Perls at Perls House

Ladies and gentleman, please join Four Sweaters at 9pm on May 25th, 2013, in an infamous location in the SOMA district of San Francisco, for an elegant night of debauchery, moments of slight mayhem, and really amazing music. For the second installment of the Four Sweaters project, we simply ask you to keep your ears wide open, and enjoy the musical stylings of one Claptone and Steve Huerta.

CLAPTONE. If you haven’t heard of him, you probably actually have. And if you really haven’t heard of him, or his music, it’s about time to get acquainted. Magically appearing onto the scene in late 2011, it was not until early 2012 with the release of “cream” on exploited records that his presence and capabilites became more known. Since then, he has had a slew of highly respected releases that have rocked charts and dance floors.

STEVE HUERTA is a young fellow from Los Angeles who is just absolutely killing it. With releases on petFood, Amadeus, and most recently, Dirt Crew, Steve has found a sound, and is ready to share it. People are noticing. For his age, Mr.Huerta has locked on to a groove that usually takes seasons to achieve, and is impossible to resist. Not only is the sound he shares inspiring and unique, the way he delivers it through clean, forward moving mixes turns the night into something really special.

While we ask you relax and enjoy the music, always keep your eye out, as mischief and mystery will be around every corner.







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