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Day Zero Festival in Playa Del Carmen Set to Be Epic

[Day Zero Festival] PLAYA DEL CARMEN, MX — This December something incredible will be happening in Mexico, beyond the usual wonderful clubs, food, and people. This festival is set to be above and beyond all expectations that make Mexico an amazing destination. After a spiritual experience here, Damian Lazarus decided he would put on a festival to share the spiritual, special energy of the Mayan ruins in the area.

The festival is presented by the hailed and heralded Crosstown Rebels and features an absolutely insane line up. Jamie Jones, Subb-an, 3D (Massive Attack), Trentemoller, Thugfucker, Infinity Ink, Damian Lazarus, Fur Coat, and more, although these artists alone should activate your party instincts.

The party coincides with what the Mayan calendar marks as the end of this world cycle.

“At this moment a galactic alignment will occur, for the first time in 25,625 years we will line up with the center of the Milky Way.

This is a time for transformation and renewal, a time for change – celebrate with us as we party and await the future.

Through harmonic energy; friends from around the world will come together for a party at the end of the world, for we know not what dreams may come, what awaits us on the other side, what the future holds.”


For more information check out Day Zero’s website, HERE.









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