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Will Crawshaw – Nin To Fiv Ghetto Flex Remix (Molotov21)

[New Release]  Molotov21 has been using some great up and coming talent to start pushing their way up in the dance music world.  This latest is from Will Crawshaw, who remixes one of their earlier releases done by Wonderklubb.  Getting Will on board was a great decision considering all the praise and attention he has been receiving lately. On this take of Nin To Fiv, Will provides us with an uptempo, blood-pumping work. With its funked-out deep bass line, chopped vocal, and clubby feel, this is definitely one to get the crowd moving.  Crawshaw once again displays his talent, and this is a great addition to Molotov21’s catalog.


Artist:  Will Crawshaw
Title:  Nin To Fiv (Ghetto Flex Remix)
Label:  Molotov21
Catalog No.:  M21021

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