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[New Video] Interview with WiLDKATS (Hot Creations, Lower East)

[New Video] After getting wind of the WiLDKATS tour this past September 2011, we managed to pull them here to San Diego, California for an a very special and intimate show. Although only Scott Dickie and Stuart Sandeman were able to make the tour (Corey Baker, the third Kat had previous obligations), we still had an amazing time and were able to capture a few moments with the guys on camera. Below are a few video interviews with the WiLDKATS: Part I delves into the studio world and in Part II, we hear about their West Coast tour and touring in general. A very genuine “Thank You” to Scott and Stuart! We had a blast with them and look forward to their return on their next tour.


Part I: WiLDKATS on their name, studio time and more…


Part II: WiLDKATS on touring, rules of the road and more…




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