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[New Release] Pink Stallone feat. Joey Washington – Dancing in Time (Under the Shade)

Out on 12″, Pink Stallone releases “Dancing in Time” featuring Joey Washington on Under the Shade with quality remixes by Mugwump, No Regular Play and BOP & Daniele B. William Rauscher at RA says it best:

“Dancing in Time” exudes the off-the-cuff charm of early vocal house, with Washington’s falsetto bobbing in and out of a winding groove composed of fragmented disco drums and fuzzy synthesizers, and its agreeable, feel-good nature make it about as easy to resist as free beer. 

No Regular Play’s remix is both sexier and dancier, yet they manage to maintain the original’s rough appeal: both the bass and the big, bright synths have a rowdy, hand-played feel to them. Mugwump’s remix comes off shined-up and sophisticated, with a round, dubby low-end and classy piano chords—a tuxedo and martini version where the original sticks to hi-tops and hot dogs. Washington’s voice sampled and replayed in angelic chords is a nice touch. The last remix features another old-new team-up in the form of Stallone mastermind Daniele Barbarosa together with Washington’s old Strictly producer Paul Scott. A cranked-up tempo and a bricklayer rhythm section, all chunky drums and slap bass, provide the backbone of the tune’s heaviest rework, turning the original’s hang-out vibes into disco carthasis.


And here’s the video of the original:

Pink Stallone ft/ Joey Washington – Dancing in Time from Daniele Barbarosa on Vimeo.


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