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[New Release] Tanner Ross & Soul Clap present ‘Shady Shores’ EP (Wolf + Lamb Music)

[New Release] Intergalactic funk brothers in arms Tanner Ross & Soul Clap join forces on the mothership Wolf + Lamb Music to deliver the mind-altering mini-opus that is the Shady Shores EP, also featuring a stunning remix from Deniz Kurtel & Gadi Mizrahi. Making his storming debut on a label he was born to represent, bona-fide beat hustler Tanner Ross flares further into the public consciousness in a golden collaboration with two of the galaxys most unique and forward thinking music makers Soul Clap. The Shady Shores EP is cinematic journey through deep cosmic jams, warm mid-tempo house to all out space funk sleaze. It will make you feel like you’re marooned on Mars.

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